Distiller’s Drawer


When our founder, Andrew Cabot, traveled through the Caribbean to ponder rum’s future, he met a distiller that had a secret bottle tucked away in their desk drawer. It was the distiller's proudest achievement, a special treasure pulled straight from the cask that was unsweetened, unfiltered, and unadulterated. Andrew tasted this exquisite rum and asked himself: Why would someone blend, filter, and sweeten away this unique treasure? Why can't anyone outside a distillery taste rum like this?

Our Distiller’s Drawer is the answer to these questions.

These are our distiller’s favorite barrels - so good that Maggie would keep a bottle hidden in her desk drawer too, but thought it better to share with you.

We gently care for the rum with respect and allow it to speak for itself.

Many of these bottling come from our experimental distillations, incorporating new techniques or ingredients.

Single Barrel Selection: Each bottling is an intimate expression of one single cask with purity of character.

Unsweetened: No post-distillation sweeteners are added, creating a dry rum.

No Additives:  Our rum is a product of spirit, water, oak, & time. No artificial oak flavor, age flavor, or dyes are used.

Authentic: Fermented, distilled, aged & bottled at Privateer in Massachusetts

#74 - Puffery - Pot Stilled Rum
#73 - Garrigue Cask Strength Rum
#72 - Gilt Equinox Pot Stilled Rum
#71 - Golden Hour - Distiller's Pale Rum
#70 - The Queen's Share Bottled in Bond
#69 - Sea Smoke Scotch Cask Matured - Cask Strength Rum
#35 - New England Reserve Rum
#33 - New England Straight Rum
#30 - Sea Mist Pale Rum
#29 - Fantastic Voyage Single Cask Rum
#28 - New England Rum Bottled in Bond
#27 - Siren's Song
#26 - American Single Malt Straight Whiskey
#23 - Le Paradis Cognac Cask Finish
#22 - Sea Witch Queen's Share
#21 - True American Reserve
#20 - Tres Aromatique Overproof Pot Stilled 
#17 - Single Cask - Straight Rum
#15 - North Atlantic Maritime
#14 - Cigar Box
#13 - Navy Yard - Bottled in Bond
#12 - Metropolis
#11 - Thief & Hammer
#10 - Wolf Rum
#9 - Iron Dram
#8 - Electrum
#8 - 'Shiner Single Barrel
#7 - Coupe Cask Reserve
#6 - Harvest Nectar
#5 - Tres Aromatique Pot Stilled Overproof
#4 - Peach Brandy
#3 - Navy Yard 'Origin Story'
#2 - Double Pot Still Amber