Puffery – Pot Stilled Rum – #74

Distiller's Drawer #74
Puffery - Pot Stilled Rum

Barrel: P126
Age: 2 years 11 months
Matured In: Used Rum Cask
Bottles Produced: 227
Proof: 113

Details: Puffery is a term used in the spirits industry to describe a statement that captures more marketing than reality. Our industry is rife with fanciful statements and marketing that are spun into design and narrative bravado over actual content. Rather than have a fancy name, or story, we thought we would let this bottle speak for itself. Let the fact that this rum has no description call to mind how many times we may read about a product and walk away not actually getting any real information. Enjoy this rum the way you like best, our rum is for everyone, no pretense.