Our commitment to quality borders on obsession. We begin by selecting only the highest quality ingredients and the finest yeasts in the world. We ferment long and cool in the tradition of great spirits. We age our rums in the Maritime climate of New England where seasons naturally expand and contract our barrels.


Our team is committed to creating the best spirits possible. Each day we challenge ourselves to improve on what we have made before.


America embodies freedom. And those who served as privateers during our Revolution embodied it too. And passion. And a gritty, bare-knuckled determination to fight the good fight. And to profit from their success.

There was no easy way to win against the greatest sea power in the world. So privateers innovated. They changed the rules of engagement, and ultimately the outcome of the war.

Today, that same spirit drives us at Privateer Rum. A spirit that demands doing what you believe is right. Doing it well. And doing it your own way, even when this means defying convention.

Freedom. Innovation. Conviction. It’s in our DNA. It’s in our rum.

Cocktail with Blueberries