Electrum – Distiller’s Pale Rum – #8

Distiller's Drawer #8
Electrum - Distiller's Pale Rum

Barrel: P26
Age: 3 years
Matured In: Neutral Cask
Bottles Produced: 207
Proof: This bottle give you a peek into a Master Blender’s daily work. This soft, delicate, highly aromatic rum gives supple richness on the mid palate. Aged in a neutral cask with very low entry proof this spirit highlights the flavors gained from maturity (tobacco leaf, savory forest floor, marmalade orange, and dried apricot) with only subtle complexity from a measured amount of soft vanilla and toast from oak influence. Long treasured as a ‘cherry’ barrel for blending into larger batches to add finesse we wanted to bottle this separately and give you a glimpse behind our curtain with this treasure from our cellar.