Sea Smoke Scotch Cask Matured – #69

Distiller's Drawer #69
Sea Smoke Scotch Cask Matured - Cask Strength Rum

Barrel: I5
Age: 2 years 11 months
Matured In: Used Scotch Cask
Bottles Produced: 175
Proof: 106

Details: When cane is about to be harvested the dried underbrush is singed away to expose the fully matured stalks. For many raised near the equator, this scent conjures romantic memories as the sweet smell of singed cane and smokey hay signals the start of harvest season. Our head distiller is also reminded of this when she visits vineyards, the burning of vine pruning releases aromas of singed sweet sap which mimics that of cane harvest. To celebrate this years harvest season in New England we wanted to capture this smokey essence in your glass. The rum selected to mature in this cask had a particular ocean air and salted brown butter character that spoke to our team of the Atlantic influence of our barrel cellar — hence the name Sea Smoke.