JK Food Group No.1 Double Pot Stilled Rum – #48

Distiller's Drawer #48
JK Food Group No.1 Double Pot Stilled Rum

Selected By: JB, EH, & RP

Barrel: P447
Age: Minimum 2 years 2 months
Matured In: New American Oak
Bottles Produced: 265
Proof: 90

Recipe: Rich - A fermentation of 100% Grade A Molasses producing a richly textured spirit with a perfumed nose of savory forest floor. Leather and tobacco aromas with subtle sultana, and pineapple marmalade notes can be found on the dry palate. A blend of yeasts were selected to ferment alongside the natural yeast of the distillery, and yeast present in the molasses, to coax out a blend of complex flavors.

Distillation: Thick - A double pot distillation giving broad structure and weight on the rounded palate with concentrated flavors and a long, richly textured finish.

Barreled: Spring 2017 - It was indeed humid, especially through April and May, when temperatures jumped up from the long cold winter. This brought a lovely softness to aging casks that matured through the summer and fleshed out a rich texture. For younger casks this meant another layering of richness over the refined structure built over the season. Casks bottled after maturing through this season show much more body and breadth with less oak influence that was tempered by the dropping proof of this lovely stretch through 2017's spring, summer, and fall. A very fine season remembered fondly.

Harvested: Spring 2019 - A very wet, late spring meant a nice rise in humidity causing a softening to the “edginess” rum can show right out of the winter season. Most proofs for spring bottling were 107-110, making them a bit more supple and soft. Barrel P447 is a great expression of a double pot distillation with the New England maritime climate influence. Notes of salted caramel, dried mango, grass, and burnt orange.