Liquor Junction Barrel Program #18 – #41

Distiller's Drawer #41
Liquor Junction Barrel Program #18

Selected By: Liquor Junction

Barrel: P257
Age: Minimum 3 Years 3 Months
Matured In: Bourbon Barrel
Bottles Produced: 186
Proof: 114.2

Recipe: “Yankee” A fermentation of Real Boiled Brown Sugar and 100% Grade A Molasses producing a silky textured spirit. A blend of yeasts were selected to ferment alongside the natural yeast of the distillery, and yeast present in the molasses, to coax out a blend of complex flavors.

Distillation: “Fine” First distilled through our American pot still and finished in our German column still, this distillation gives detailed aromas, a tight and linear structure, a pliant texture, and a long perfumed finish.

Barreled: Winter 2016-2017 A steep drop off into a cold and extended winter. Very dry and even conditions with temperatures averaging in the 30s from Dec-March meant slow and even development.The dry conditions gave concerns that the barrel’s proof may creep up too far in alcohol, giving a bit of edge and rasp to the texture, but the very cold temperatures slowed down the water evaporation so the palate remained silky while gaining some structure. Proof creeped up very little and at a slow and even rate. There was a reported 68" snowfall in Ipswich on the town's annual report setting us up for a very humid spring with snowmelt.

Harvested: Spring 2019 - A very wet and late spring meant a nice rise in humidity causing a softening to the edginess rum can show right out of the winter season. Most Proofs for spring bottling were 107-110, making them a bit more supple and soft. Barrel P257 held its winter proof, adding to the rich, full body.
Notes: This single barrel was a coupe cask from our cellar. Our couped barrels are a special marriage of casks with different ages, nuances, flavors, aromas, and textures blended to create a balanced and fine spirit. The rums in this cask are a range of 2 year old to 6 year old rum that once blended, was re-casked and left to rest in a used bourbon barrel for over three years in our cellar.