Queen’s Share


Privateer's Queen's Share is made using the traditional Cognac technique of redistilling the seconds - the transitional distillate between the rich hearts and bitter tails.

The result is a spirit of outstanding quality, deep complexity, and exceptional character.

Our Queen's Share Single Cask barrels are aged in American oak casks and bottled at cask strength.

With tasting notes of golden raisin, honey, macadamia nut, and toasted coconut, the Queen's Share is equally delicious on its own or in your favorite cocktail.

Unsweetened: No post-distillation sweeteners are added, creating a dry rum.

Cask Strength: Bottled at a higher proof, concentrating power & depth of flavor.

No Additives: Our rum is a product of spirit, water, oak, & time. No artificial oak flavor, age flavor, or dyes are used.

Authentic: Fermented, distilled, aged & bottled at Privateer in Massachusetts.