American Single Malt Straight Whiskey – #26

Distiller's Drawer #26
American Single Malt - Straight Whiskey

Barrel: P174
Age: Straight, 2 years 2 months
Matured In: New American Oak, 53 Gallon #3 char
Bottles Produced: 302
Proof: 92

Details: Made from 100% Malted Barley this whiskey was fermented, distilled, and aged in new American Oak at Privateer. This was a one off project to stretch our skills and enjoy the art of distillation starting with a different base ingredient. Our head distiller got her start in whiskey and wanted to revisit the category and skill share on an adventure with the Privateer family. The result is a rich, malty, toasty, and full bodied expression of whiskey.