Navy Yard – Aged 4 Year

Navy Yard 4 Year continues Privateer’s commitment to evolving and producing traditional New England rums with an eye on the future.

An ode to the blend, Navy Yard 4 Year is distilled from 100% Molasses and aged in new American oak barrels for at least four years.

This maritime rum’s seaside aging creates full-bodied flavors and aromas infused with the spirit of the North Atlantic.

Greater than the sum of its parts, Navy Yard 4 Year Rum brings together single casks, delicious on their own, to make a complex rum with depth of flavor.

Maritime Rum, Seaside Aged

Unsweetened: No post-distillation sweeteners are added, creating a dry rum.

No Additives: Our rum is a product of spirit, water, oak, & time. No artificial oak flavor, age flavor, or dyes are used.

Authentic: Fermented, distilled, aged & bottled at Privateer in Ipswich, Massachusetts