Le Paradis Cognac Cask Finished Rum – #23

Distiller's Drawer #23
Le Paradis - Cognac Cask Finished Rum

Barrel: R2
Age: 2 years, 3 months
Finished In: 500 Liter French Oak Cognac Cask
Bottles Produced: 441
Proof: 111.4

Details: In Cognac, ‘Le Paradis’ refers to the special part of the cellar where the best barrels and spirit lots are stored, often in a iron cage under lock and key. We received this Cognac cask from our friends at Other Half Brewing. This special cask was sent to us fresh, Other Half wanted us to have the inspiration of a fresh start. Now that we’ve finished our process, the cask will be sent back to them for brewing a specialty and rare batch of beer. We knew we wanted to finish something very special in the cask, so we selected two rich and fully textured rums that had been aged two years in new American oak. During the cask finishing, the tobacco, and smokey notes of the two rum selections became married with the golden raisin, hay, and coconut aromas of the Cognac cask. This special union created a flavor never before experienced in the Privateer cellars.