Encore Expression Cognac Cask Finished Rum – #50

Distiller's Drawer #50
Encore Expression Cognac Cask Finished Rum

Selected By: Ashley Wells for Encore

Barrel: R2 & R3
Age: Minimum 2 Years 6 Months
Matured In: Cognac Casks
Bottles Produced: 1,249
Proof: 95

Details: Ashley Wells, of the Encore, joined Privateer in their cellar to taste through a selection of barrels, choosing a five barrel blend finished in two French oak Cognac casks.

These barrels were thoughtfully tasted and selected for their unique character and ability to tell a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and a finish.This was a custom blend of casks selected from our coveted Distiller's Pale barrels. This soft, delicate, highly aromatic rum gives supple richness on the mid palate. Distiller's Pale casks highlight the flavors gained from maturity (tobacco leaf, savory forest floor, marmalade orange, and dried apricot) with only subtle complexity from a measured amount of soft vanilla and toast from oak influence. Long treasured as a ‘cherry’ barrel for blending into larger batches, this selection is a hand tailored blend exclusively from this rare expression. These five barrels of Distiller's Pale were married and finish in two Cognac casks for an additional 6 months to add layers of complexity, oak spice, and finesse to the long finish on this elegant and full bodied rum.