Golden Hour – Distiller’s Pale Rum – #71

Distiller's Drawer #71
Golden Hour - Distiller’s Pale Rum

Barrel: P227
Age: 4 years
Matured In: Used Bourbon Barrel
Bottles Produced: 189
Proof: 121.2

Details: Distiller’s pale rums are a rare treat from the cellar of any distillery. These are casks that are long on age and short on color. What does this mean? It means that the power of the oak is light, it only adds a subtle accent of pecan and hint of custard. It also means that the flavor of maturity is unencumbered by oak and you can taste the nuanced yet deeply complex flavors of maturity in a spirit. These casks are often used for small doses of elegance and aroma in blends, but we like to open the cellar door and release a few rare bottles of this style as is straight to the public. Our pale rum is a distiller’s secret stash no longer!