New England Straight Rum – #33

Distiller's Drawer #33
New England Straight Rum

Barrel: P375
Age: 2 years, 9 months
Matured In: American Oak Barrel
Bottles Produced: 246
Proof: 98

Details: A stellar single cask, from our Yankee coupe recipe. This barrel was filled with a blend of rums that showed such finesse and refinement, that when it came time to assemble the final larger blend we decided to reserve it as a single cask and give it extra age. Almost three years in our barrel room next to the salt marsh has done this selection well. This cask has a medium body, supple texture, and is classically dry. On the palate we find notes of almond, cherry, vanilla custard, and orange marmalade. The finish is long and savory, with some light tobacco leaf and salinity.