Cask Strength Rum Kappy’s Barrel #1 – #60

Distiller's Drawer #60
Cask Strength Rum Kappy’s Barrel #1

Selected By: Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits

Barrel: P286
Age: 3 Years 2 Months
Matured In: New American Oak
Bottles Produced: 214
Proof: 113

Recipe: Rich - a fermentation of 100% Grade A Molasses producing a richly textured spirit with a perfumed nose of savory forest floor. Leather and tobacco aromas with subtle sultana, and pineapple marmalade notes can be found on the dry palate. A blend of yeasts were selected to ferment alongside the natural yeast of the distillery, and yeast present in the molasses, to coax out a blend of complex flavors.
Distillation: Fine - First distilled through an American pot still and finished in a German column still, this distillation gives detailed aromas, a tight and linear structure, a pliant texture, and a long perfumed finish.

Barreled: Spring/Summer 2016 - A very dry spring lead to increased proof in casks which in turn caused heavy oak extraction and a structured firm texture on the palate. The spirit was a bit unyielding, but certainly too on a robust flavor. Moving into summer, humidity remained comparatively modest through the season which gave us some of our boldest and most oak etched rums. The very high summer temperatures meant rums in cask at this time still enjoyed an excellent first draw of oak flavor and quick, even evaporation of the more aggressive alcohols and water, giving a supple, rich palate.

Harvested: Spring 2019 - A very wet, late spring meant a nice rise in humidity causing a softening to the “edginess” rum can show right out of the winter season. Most proofs for spring bottling were 107-110, making them a bit more supple and soft. Barrel P286 held onto its proof, showing notes of dark chocolate, blood orange, fresh brioche, almond, and salted caramel.