Distiller’s Pale Pot Stilled Rum – White Gold – #109

Distiller's Drawer #109
Distiller's Pale Pot Stilled Rum - White Gold

Age: 3 years 11 months
Matured In: Used Rum Cask
Bottles Produced: 197
Proof: 116

Details:A pale hue shows the subtle, savory depth of used oak on an extended aging of a spirit. This means the flavors of maturity are unencumbered and offer a rare delicacy. With a straw hue and subtle complexity, this rum showcases aromas of dried nectarine and peach skin with savory, earthy flavors of fall leaves and singed cane. Long treasured as a ‘cherry’ barrel for blending into larger batches to add finesse, this rum stood out as a rare and unique treat and glimpse into our cellar door.