Overproof Rum – When in Rum

Distiller's Drawer #107
Overproof Rum-When in Rum

Matured In: Rested in a single stainless steel
Bottles Produced: 420
Proof: 126

Details:The Unshakable Kate Perry joined us at Privateer Rum on March 12th, 2020 and spent the day working side by side with our distilling team. As the North American Market Manager for Velier she represents some of the finest rums in the world and was an important force in bringing to life the Velier selections of Privateer. On her visit she helped run operations for distilling, including making cuts and dialing in the still throughout the day to coax out top flavors. This created a batch of rum with a unique expression of the hand of the maker as her presence became part of the terroir. We asked Kate to select the final bottling proof along with our team to help create this single day, single batch distillation that captures this current moment in our little rum world. When in Rum is a nod to her handle and her role in this driving, powerful, and deeply flavored rum. A pungent nose of gooseberry, lime leaf, mandarin leaf, with an undertone of green papaya, meadow grass, and a hint of white rose. The palate is warm and luscious with smokey undertones, black vanilla bean, tangy grapefruit flesh, pineapple peel, honeycomb, soursop, and mint blossoms.