The Queen’s Share Pot Stilled Rum – Séance- #114

Distiller's Drawer #114
The Queen's Share Pot Stilled Rum - Séance

Age: 3 years, 6 months
Matured In: New American Oak
Bottles Produced: 223
Proof: 113

Details:Chosen for its savory and dark flavors, this rum has a particularly long finish and evolves remarkably in the glass. We thought the word Séance played nicely off of our ‘spirits’ and the literal meaning of a sitting, such as a rum sipping session. Like a Séance, this rum is boundary-pushing, conjuring up the ancestral spirits of rum and beyond.

Notes: hauntingly earthy with heather, sea mist, almond, nutmeg, leather, dried black fig, smoke, and treacle