Queen’s Share – Barrel P442

Distiller's Drawer #32
Cigar Box Straight Rum

Barrel: P442
Age: 2 Years 2 Months
Matured In: New American Oak
Bottles Produced: 212
Proof: 106.6

Details: Privateer’s The Queen’s Share rum is made from the richest cuts of our rum distillation. In every distillation there are traditionally three main cuts. The “heads”, harsh alcohols unwanted in your final spirit cut, come off of the still first. The “hearts” follow; this is the flavorful rum that is collected and bottled as Privateer Silver Reserve, Privateer Amber, and Privateer Navy Yard rums. Lastly, the “tails” cut is made to separate the hearts from the bitter alcohols at the end of the still run. However, as the hearts run is approaching the tails cut, the spirit becomes more powerful and flavorful. Even once these tails have overpowered the hearts and we’ve made our cut, some of these rich hearts are still intertwined with the bitter tails. At this stage, our distillers collect a fourth cut- a blend of rich hearts mixed with tails otherwise known as the “seconds”. These small amounts are collected over many runs and redistilled together, liberating the hearts. This creates a single batch, single barrel expression of Queen’s Share rum.