New England Rum Bottled in Bond – #119

Distiller's Drawer #119
New England Rum Bottled in Bond

Age: 4 years
Matured In: New American Oak
Bottles Produced: 227
Proof: 100

Details:The history of Bottled in Bond is rooted in transparency and truth in labeling, an issue we at Privateer are passionate about. Back in the 1800’s bartenders and spirits lovers were angered that so many products on the market were branded as authentic hand-crafted spirits but were in fact made by large factory spirits ‘rectifiers’ and packaged in a disingenuous way. The US Government responded in 1897 by issuing the regulations for labeling a product Bottled In Bond. The spirit must be distilled by a single distiller, in a single season, at a single distillery and aged no less than 4 years at a federally bonded warehouse and bottled at 100 proof at the same distillery.