New England Lot No. 1 Rum

Distiller's Drawer #108
New England Lot No. 1 Rum

Aged In: 8 casks, 4 pot stilled, 4 column stilled
Aged: 2-6 years
Bottles Produced: 1675
Proof: 107.8

Details: Lot 1 is our ode to the micro blend. The art of the blend is one of our greatest passions at Privateer. It allows us to celebrate the unique aspects of our casks and requires the selection of some of our finest barrels. In this blend, we aim to highlight the individual expressions and character of each rum while building a balance and complexity in order to create a spirit beyond the sum of its parts. Tasting notes include honey comb, apricots, dried pineapple, hazelnuts, pecans, black cherry, and lime leaf.