Leeward Barrel Strength Rum – #127

Distiller's Drawer #127
Leeward Barrel Strength Rum

Age: 5 years, 3 months
Matured In: Used Whiskey Cask
Bottles Produced:104
Proof: 115

Details: Extended aging in used Whiskey barrels has long been a hallmark of our Distiller’s Drawer offerings. This approach allows us to showcase the nuanced flavors achieved through our constant attention to detail: quality ingredients, long, cool fermentations, deliberate cuts, step proofing, and mindful aging to name a few. Leeward continues to push this aging style forward as a complex and delicate rum with layers of flavor.

Tasting Notes: Notes of peach, dried fig, and toasted hazelnut pervade the glass as the spirit continues to evolve over time.