Jay Needleman

Jay has been managing customer relationships for over 20 years. Jay got his start in retail at the age of 8 as a cashier in his father’s dollar store. While his friends went away to camp during school break, Jay spent his summers beside his dad learning professional etiquette and the importance of building strong relationships with both customers and business associates. Over the years, Jay has worked for both large corporations and small start-ups. In 2011 when Jay first tasted Privateer, he rediscovered rum. Through his five years as a bartender and three years managing a liquor store, Jay was familiar with all the big players in the world of spirits. After meeting Andrew and Maggie, he became captivated by the art of distilling and energized by the passion of Privateer’s creators. Give Jay just two minutes of your time and you’ll find yourself selling Privateer to your friends and family.