True American Amber Rum Bottling

After all this hard work, we end up with a complex rum that has been given all the perks of fine spirits production techniques.  We have raised it with our passion and belief that rum does not need to be excused from excellence.  We are ready to send it out into the world for you to enjoy.

The final steps we take are simple.  We very lightly non-chill filter our Amber rum.  Filtration removes char and pieces of oak from the rum, but we don’t want it to remove any of the delicious long chain flavor molecules or mouthfeel that gives it richness.  We do not add sweeteners, coloring agents, mouthfeel additives, imitation barrel or age flavoring.  We believe in purity and transparency.  We worked hard on the rum so why would we want to cover it up with additives?  We bottle and label the rum ourselves.  We hope you can taste the care in our rum and know that as we send it out into the world whatever experience you have with it is yours, we are glad to be a part of it.  Enjoy and cheers.