Gin Rummy Distillation

Our Single Batch Gin is triple distilled. The first distillation is done in a pot still. The 8% abv wash is placed in the still, and it is warmed up to cause the alcohol vapors to rise, along with the essence of the flavors we created during fermentation. We capture these vapors, and it condenses into a liquid we call ‘low wines’. These low wines come out around 35% abv.

We take these low wines and redistill them. When we distill the Gin we typically run all 8 of our plates to create a light, ethereal, pure spirit.  The vapors are again collected when they condense and we call this liquid ‘spirit’. It comes off the still almost neutral in character, this will allow the spices and herbs of the gin to shine.

We mix this spirit with pure water to bring the proof back down to the correct abv to steep in the fresh ground herbs, freshly zest citrus, and spices. We don’t want the abv to be too high or it will extract bitter components of the herbs. We don’t want the abv to be too low or we will not get enough character.  We allow the herbs to soak in the spirit for about 36 hours.  We then redistill this running all 8 of our plates and collect the aromatic vapor. This is the gin rummy spirit.