Silver Reserve Distillation

The Silver rum is double distilled. The first distillation is done in a pot still.  The 8% abv wash is placed in the still and it is warmed up to cause the alcohol vapors to rise, along with the essence of the flavors we created during fermentation. We capture these vapors and it condenses into a liquid we call ‘low wines’. These low wines come out around 35% abv.

We take these low wines and redistill them. We have a still that allows us to change how many, if any, ‘plates’ we run the still with.  What does this mean?  It means we can choose to make a light clean spirit with high purity (more plates) or we can make heavy rich spirits with lots of flavor (few plates or pot distilled-no plates).  When we do the final distillation on the Silver rum we typically run more plates to create a light, ethereal, pure flavor. The vapors are again collected when they condense and we call this liquid ‘spirit’. All spirit off of a still is clear and dry (meaning it has no sugar).