Maggie Campbell named as President of Privateer Rum

Privateer Rum announces today that Maggie Campbell has been named President. Campbell, 33, will report to Andrew Cabot, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.
Campbell began her career in the drinks business at age 23 and previously worked as a distiller at renowned brandy producer Germain-Robin. Campbell’s professional experience includes having served as a wine buyer at both large and boutique retailers, representing craft spirits and fine wine in distribution, and as the head distiller at Privateer since 2012.
Campbell received her diplomas from the Siebel Institute in Craft Distillation Technologies, The Wine and Spirits Education Trust (Level IV), the University of Colorado, and is a Masters of Wine candidate. 


Campbell joined Privateer as Head Distiller in 2012 and was promoted to Vice-President in 2015. Her accomplishments as Head Distiller include numerous awards and industry recognitions including The Chairman’s Trophy from Ultimate Spirits Challenge against top brands from across the globe. As a Board Member of the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) she has helped launch educational programs, runs the annual spirits judging competition, and co-founded the Safety Committee. Campbell is currently serving her second term on the Wine and Spirits Education Trust’s International Advisory Alumni Board. 
“I am truly thrilled to play a larger role in Privateer’s future and am excited to help lead the vision along with our incredible teams,” said Campbell. “We will continue to navigate the incredible growth we have been fortunate to experience while always focusing on best practices while growing our aged stock to ensure the quality of our expressions only grows in the future. We want to keep pushing for a message of transparency, quality, and honesty in the spirits community.”
“Maggie will excel in this new role,” said Cabot. “This is a natural transition for Privateer as we plan the long future of the company.” 
In the coming year Privateer will release their first casks of their Bottled in Bond Navy Yard Rum and a Straight American Single Malt whiskey with cellar door sales at their recently opened hospitality and tasting room on site at the distillery. They will also be expanding production, doubling their capacity in 2018.
About Privateer Rum
Privateer Rum was founded by Andrew Cabot in 2011. He is a direct 6th generation descendant of the Revolutionary War era Andrew Cabot, a famous Privateer and rum distillery owner. The Privateer Rum distillery is a few short miles from the site of the original 18th century family distillery. All of Privateer’s spirits are made from scratch and matured on a seaside salt marsh in Ipswich, MA.