Amber Batch #24


The married rums from the chart below went into barrels P11, P119, P19, P21, P23, P32, P34, P38, P50, P53, P57, P63, P64, P78, P80, P81, P90, P92 to cask condition. These barrels were named Coupe 13.

Of the Coupe 13 finishing casks, barrels P38 & a portion of P23 were selected for Batch #24.
Barrel harvested on 4/28/2015
Bottled on 5/1/2015
Number of bottles made:524

Barrel # % of coupe Notes
P23 4.40% Deep Amber color, dried banana, baked golden pineapple, apple jam, graham cracker, cinnamon, baked apples, dried cherry, mint, brine, preserved lemons
P94 4.40% Sweet cream, butterscotch, meringue, custard, black vanilla bean, caramel, macadamia, peach, persimmon, bamboo, hay, water chestnut
P34 4.40% Soft and nutty, incense, dried green fig, exotic spice, roasted apple, caramelized sweet potato, cedar, resin, brulee, dried cherry, ripe raspberry, honey
P19 4.40% Bright, lively, lemon curd, orange zest, bamboo, angel food cake, cream, brown butter, cedar, cigar box, dried flowers, sweet pea blossom
P28 4.40% peony, floral, lychee, gooseberry, cherry blossom, plum flesh, candied strawberry
P32 4.40% Green figs, dried lime blossom, incense, cardamom, jasmine, rose, brine, orange zest, mineral, chalk, forest floor, earth
P64 4.40% Full bodied, luscious, roasted hazelnut, malted milk, chocolate, sweet white and red cherries, pineapple, custard, toffee, almonds, black figs, brown bread
P78 4.40% Tobacco, molasses, figs, tea leaves, coffee, salted caramel, grassy, leather, bergamot, sesame
P21 4.40% Heavy cream, meringue, pastry, shortbread, biscuit, orange blossom, apricot, clove, nutmeg, candied lemon peel, lemongrass
P92 4.40% cedar, pine, lemon peel, heather, honey, golden raisin, white roses, ripe nectarine, candied starfruit
P90 4.40% lemon custard, sandalwood, ashton cigar, sourdough, caraway, coriander, cinnamon
P50 4.40% Madeira, fudge, stewed figs, apple pie, colanut, almond, hazelnut, custard, smoke, toast, biscuit, tobacco leaf
P81 4.40% Lots of spice and tobacco, graphite, cherry, almond, plum, rose
P80 4.40% Bourbon notes, caramel popcorn, nutty-toffee, spice, custard
P53 4.40% Nutmeg and pineapple, fruitcake, roses, straw, hay, cantaloupe, golden raisin
P11 4.40% Toasted coconut, bran, almond, lime zest, almond, marzipan, cinnamon
P57 4.40% Almond, toffee, peanut brittle, walnut, heather, shortbread, earth, toast, biscuit
P69 4.40% Tobacco leaf, cigar box, leather, dried cherries, sandalwood, exotic spice, cherry, cocoa, color is mahogany
P3 4.40% Fruity lemon, melon, golden grape, elderflower
P63 4.40% Cream and butter, almond, gardenia, sweet pea, honey, brioche
P38 4.40% Cedar, forest, pine, alpine, chervil, honey, raisin
P119 3% dried cherry, orange blossom, tobacco, cedar, nectarine
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