Amber #28


The married rums from the chart below went into barrels P20, P48, P72, P9, P28, P30, P4, P68, P76, P80, P81, P23, P1,P18, P5, P53, P61, P62, P79 to cask condition. These barrels were named Coupe 14.

Of the Coupe 14 finishing casks, barrels P79, P9 were selected for Batch #28.
Barrel harvested on: 9/15/15
Bottled on: 9/25/15
Number of bottles made: 417

Barrel # % of coupe Notes
P4 4.8 Shortbread, peach blossom, caramel, toffee, toasted almond, nectarine, mineral, biscotti, incense, cardamom
P40 4.8 golden rasin, golden fig, shortbread, heather, cinnamon, tobacco leaf
P18 4.8 brown butter, clove, dried black cherry, liqured cassis, angelfood cake, sandalwood, smoke, toast, cane
P5 4.8 golden dried pineapple, white flowers, golden rasin, toasted cane, lychee
P62 4.8 leather, honeysuckle, lemon peel, brioche, blackberry jam, cedar, flint, earth
P61 4.8 mineral, rose, exotic spice, incense, bergamont, sweet cream, raw honey
P73 4.8 cinnamon, clove, pastry, golden dried apple peel, cured tobacco
P74 4.8 sandalwood, smoke, singed cocoa, toasted barley
P79 4.4 kumquat, orange blossom, almond, lime curd, burnt sugar, clove, shortbread
P9 4.4 vanilla, brown butter, golden grapes, raw honey, biscuit, brioche, grapefruit marmalade
P84 4.4 smoke and burnt cane, walnut, tabacco leaf, 
P85 4.4 Toasted almonds, dried flowers, dried black figs, cedar, fruit cake
P87 4.4 apricot and peach marmalade, brioche, brulee, hay
P89 4.4 dried mango, black vanilla bean, biscotti, incense, sandalwood, mhyrr
P83 4.4 char, smoke, sultana, cashew, olorosso, browned butter
P82 4.4 cane, bamboo, hay, vanilla creme, candied lemon, char, lemongrass, green tea
P68 4.4 earthy, coffee, baking spice, toasted coconut, brown bread, black cherry
P96 4.4 black tea, forest floor, blackcurrent leaf, plum, red currant
P20 4.4 plum, fig, black cherry, mineral, brioche, brown butter, clove, incense, hay, liqured peaches, cigar
P48 4.4 dried cherries, dried mango, fruit cake, toasted hazelnuts, orange zest
P39 4.4 dried apple peel, poached pears, sage, starfruit, vanilla bean, custard, butter, cognac, poundcake
P1 4.4 hay, alpine, singed pineapple, kettle corn, liqueured cheeries
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